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Our 2D character design studio has designed 2D characters for well-known partners like Glenmark, Sikandarji, Ludo Empire, etc. Although our 2D character designers provide creative solutions to our clients with distinctive concepts, we can establish long-term affinities with most of them.

Best 2D Character Designer

Capermint Technologies is among the leading 2D Animation Character Design Companies. Our designers have high-end experience in designing 2D characters for mobile games and animations. Our designers understand the concept that the gamer will play the game as the character, and therefore the character should be as good as the game itself. As for the animation, the character is the one that will portray the full story. 

We use the latest technologies to develop attractive 2D characters. Our characters will naturally blend in your game or animated environment. We also provide innovative ideas and the best combinations of characters that can appeal to your targeted audience.

Our Professional 2D Artwork

Capermint Technologies has a proven record of designing characters that are the heart of games/animations. Our 2D artwork has entertained and inspired millions of users.

2D Character Design Services

Attractive 2D character design is very essential to keep your prospects engaged effectively. At Capermint, we provide flawless 2D Character design services to our clients so that the game/animation characters can become the connecting link between the users and the game/animation.

2D Sketch
2D Sketch

The 2D sketch allows our designers to capture all the essentials of a 2D character; plus, it also allows the customers to see illustrative examples of the characters. Our designers are able to sketch various perspectives of your 2D character so that you can choose the best version of the character.

Photo & Images
Photo & Images

Whether you need a 2D character photo & image for a game, for an animation, or for your brand/product, we have got all this covered. Before developing a character, we will understand your requirements, and the character will be built based on what he/she is portraying. The character will portray all the strengths that you want.

2D Animations
2D Animations

Whether you want to develop a 2D animation series, movie, or single video, our designers are well-versed to meet all your requirements. Our designers can also help with the cinematic animation trailer of your game. You can also get promos developed, or advertisements developed for your brand/product.

2D Game Characters
Game Characters

Our goal is to create an as memorable character as the game, like Kratos of God of War. We focus on developing a character that is more than perfect for the story and environment of the game. The characters designed by our team are impressive, and they play a really vital role in portraying the story by their looks and physics.

2D PSD Designs
2D PSD Designs

Characters of the game should completely blend into the game environment, but this is not an easy task to make different characters a natural part of the game. Our designers can make final file presentations of the characters so that they can easily blend into all the game environments.

Vector Design
Vector Design

Our 2D character artists design unique vector 2D characters that are scalable across various platforms. As vector designs are portable, you can use them across multiple prints and digital platforms too. Our designers will develop innovative vector-based 2D designs that will help you in communicating the message to the targeted audience.

We create 2D Characters that people love to engage!

Custom 2D Design Solutions

2D character design is expanded in many industries, which include mobile applications, game applications, animation films, comics, computer-animated films, and many more. At Capermint, we design and create organic characters, creatures, and items that are composed and designed to blend in every environment.


Our 2D Character design process

To provide our clients with the best possible character and to ensure that they love the character, we follow a customized character development process.


Understand Design Concept

The goal is to design what you want, and to do so; we have to first understand what you really want and need. For this, we will first arrange a meeting with you to understand all your requirements. Your references and preferences help us in getting deep knowledge of the characters and designs that you need.


Rough Design Idea

Now, as we know what you want, our designers will start by designing rough ideas of your character. We will present to you different designs and characters that can be suitable according to your explanation. You can choose from the various characters, and you can also ask us to make any changes to the design that you want.


Final Sketching

As we have worked on all the changes, our designers will work on your character's final sketching. We will sketch them doing various actions and reactions so that you can get a better idea of the character. Various clothing options will be created for your character, and you can choose whichever you like the most.


Final Design

After you finalize the sketches, now our designers will start designing the final character in 2D animation. They will design the character in the 2D animation application, and now is the time to color your character. They will help in reflecting the personality of your character to the maximum.


Adding Character Expressions

The expressions play a vital role in depicting what the character is feeling and what it wants to convey. According to the story that you wish to convey via the character, we will add various emotions to the character. The emotions will help in conveying the feeling of the character to your audience.


Final 2D Character Design

Once we have added the expressions to the character, the character development process is completed now. We will add the expressions to the character, and now the character designs are ready to be handed over to you.


Vector Design for Effective Character Representation

  • We have experienced high-end designers who create high-quality 2D character designs for you and provide innovative ideas and best combinations, which will reach the targeted audience.

  • Before starting the client’s project, we have a detailed discussion of their ideas, and then we conduct detailed research on the same.

  • 2D characters created by our experts play an impressive and vital role in conveying the information and creating brand value in the hearts of the users.

  • We will definitely create your character with Gravit Designer, no matter how simple or complex the design is.

Capermint 2D Character Design Advantages

We offer various advantages with our 2D Character Development service. These advantages help us stay ahead of our competition and serve our customers in a better way. Advantages of Capermint 2D Character design are as follows

Outstanding custom design

Our talented designers provide outstanding custom designs that are curated as per your needs and want, and they portray exactly the characteristics you described.

Smooth Animation

Our 2D animation development process comprises various quality-critical stages, which help us ensure that the final product you get is a smooth animation that guarantees high performance.

Expert Team of 2D Designers

Our 2D designers have experience in designing various 2D characters that portray various characteristics. Our team is the most reliable team to design the perfect 2D characters.

Cost-Effective Solution

Capermint is a cost-effective choice for you. Just share your idea and the budget; the rest lies to us. We provide excellent 2D character development service at the most affordable rates.

Transparent Communication
Transparent Communication

As soon as we start designing your character or animation, we assign a dedicated project manager to keep you in the loop of everything that is happening around your project.

End to End Support
End to End Support

Our designers use the latest technologies to develop effective characters or animation. We specialize in providing end-to-end solutions at affordable prices.

How much does it cost to design a 2D Character_

How much does it cost to design a 2D character?

Designing a 2D character would cost around $500 to $5000 for a single character. If you wish to develop a character with all the advanced features and functionalities like face morphing, rigging, muscle rigging, texture set variations, accessories, and more, it may cost up to $12,000.

Why Capermint is the best company for 2D animation and 2D character design?

Capermint Technologies is among the leading 2D animation and 2D character design companies. Being in this field for years, we know what is best for you and what the audience exactly wants. We tend to share our development process and even the minute details with our clients so that they can have a better understanding of what’s happening around the process.

All our projects go through our project manager first so that the process is disciplined from the very beginning, and thus it ensures that you get a timely delivery, and the end-product is a quality product. We take a customized approach in every project, which helps us in delivering unique and compelling work to our clients.

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